SwellFit Presented at HICSS 52

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Peripheral edema is a swelling of the legs, feet, or handsdue to the accumulation of excessive fluid in the tissues.For patients with somechronic diseases, peripheral edemais a crucial indicator of onset or exacerbation of thecondition. Thus, early detection of peripheral edema isimportant for timely diagnosis of associated diseases.However, existingtechniquesfor edema assessment area subjective measurement for which a human operatorestimatesthe amount of swelling using a tape measure orbypressing theswollen areawith the tip of an index finger. As a systematic approach to assessingperipheral edema, we develop SwellFit, an experimentalprototype of a novel wearable technology that monitorsperipheral edema by tracking changes in ankle curvature.Through a series of proof-of-concept experiments, we demonstratethat SwellFit detects ankle swelling even in the presence of substantial noise in the raw sensorreadings. pdf